Welcome to Lord of Life Lutheran Church ELCA


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Pastors Rev. Dr. Wolfgang D. Herz-Lane, Margaret Herz-Lane, and son, Josef Herz-Lane welcome you to Lord of Life Lutheran Church ELCA

Dear Friends, Beloved of God:

“God is good! All the time” and “All the time, God is good!”

We pray this mantra often here are Lord of Life Lutheran Church because we believe that all of us are created in the image of God. Whatever our background or circumstance, whatever our history or challenge, we know that God loves us and comes to us even and especially when we are facing suffering and chaos.

That’s why at LOL, all are welcome: Black and white, young and old, gay and straight, able-bodied and differently abled, Asian and Latino, inner city and suburban and rural ... we don’t just say it, we mean it: All are welcome! No exceptions! Todos son bienvenidos, sin excepción!

We strive to be a welcoming and vibrant community of faith that preaches the unconditional love and amazing grace of God and that more and more reflects the growing community around us. If you are already part of a church, synagogue, temple, or mosque, we give thanks to God for you and your God-given faith. But if you are not part of a spiritual community and are looking for meaning and purpose in your life, visit us! We expect visitors at all of our services, held every Sunday at 10 am. Or check us out on the web at lolgarner.com.

I’d be happy to meet up with you over coffee or a beer and tell you all about LOL of Garner, a church that isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions and to “laugh out loud,” too. Call or text me at 919-810-3534 or shoot me an email at wolfgangherzlane@gmail.com. Meanwhile, I pray that God would bless and keep you always.


Pastor Wolfgang